Scheduled package upgrade

When setting a schedule for upgrading packages - how is it triggered?
Is the Landscape -> Client message (to upgrade the pkgs) run at the scheduled time or is the job sent when set and only triggered to run at the scheduled time?

I.e. is it either

A) Schedule is controlled from Landscape

  1. Set schedule to upgrade pkgs
  2. Scheduled time arrives = Landscape tells clients to upgrade


B) Schedule is controlled on client

  1. Set schedult to upgrade pkgs AND tell clients to upgrade at scheduled time
  2. Scheduled time arrives = clients perform upgrade that was previously scheduled

If this is correct, and I’m interpreting it correctly:
InstallingPackages - Landscape Help (

Then I’d say it’s A) in my question above

The schedule is controlled by Landscape Server. Periodically Landscape Client will check in with Landscape Server, and Landscape Server will determine if queued actions need to be delivered to Landscape Client.

Which then would mean that it’s option “A” in my initial post then?

Yes, you’re right. That aligns with “A” in your original post.