Samba 4.8.x in Ubuntu Cosmic 18.10

Hi all,

I have a samba-4.8.2 build for cosmic in my PPA that went through review and almost all was good, except for a regression that one of our test suites caught: (also filed with debian at

The bug has a test case attached, and it’s simple to reproduce. Basically a guest connection cannot read the file it created itself if its mode is 0600 (much less write to it). That’s the case with a file created with mkstemp(), for example (or mktemp in the shell).

This is what is holding updating samba to 4.8.x in Ubuntu Cosmic at the moment, and I was wondering if others would be hit by this problem, or if you have seen this already after you upgraded to 4.8.x by yourself.

I could upload it with this bug, but it would be bad if all of a sudden I had to revert it and downgrade the package again.

If you are willing to give those packages in the PPA a try, that would also be appreciated :slight_smile:


I read this post, when I install samba-4.8.2 I fac a lot of issue and I didn’t do anything to my Hp Support laptop, the problem still happen can anyone guide me properly to do this?

Cosmic has samba 4.8.4 and that PPA is deprecated. The bug I mentioned is still open, though. We decided that there were many more benefits in updating than there were drawbacks.

If you are having a problem with the samba package in cosmic, please start a new post describing what is going on. Or, if it’s something very specific that is easy to reproduce in a new environment, then feel free to open a bug at

I don’t know what you mean with “hp support laptop”.

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