Running mir-kiosk on your desktop

There are several small changes released today with the mir-kiosk 1.3.0-snap86 update. Not to the version of Mir, but to the packaging.

These make it much more convenient to install and run mir-kiosk on the desktop.

Running as a daemon

Previously mir-kiosk would always, and only, try to run as a daemon. With the latest update this is now switchable with a property.

On Ubuntu Core systems the daemon property defaults to true but on classic systems it defaults to false and mir-kiosk only runs as a daemon when daemon=true.

You can change this property with:

sudo snap set mir-kiosk daemon=true

But beware: due to the current of limitations of the “wayland interface”, the mir-kiosk snap needs devmode to work as as a daemon on classic systems.

Running on an X11 desktop

It is now possible to run mir-kiosk on an X11 desktop, just install and run it:

snap install mir-kiosk

A Mir-on-X window will appear. This provides a Wayland server as part of your user session and you can run normal Wayland applications with it.

Testing kiosk snaps

With the use of devmode it is possible to use the mir-kiosk snap when testing graphical kiosk snaps:

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