RPi4 takes too long to boot

You might want to mention that If there is something else that one can do during the installation because it takes tens of minutes for the software to load. I do not know if the configuration process got stuck in an endless loop or what. I typed 4 characters of the username and it just sat there for about 30 minutes. I then unplugged the power and reapplied power and am waiting for the configuration screen again. Oh, it just appeared. The developer has come up with either a mighty slow system or my sdhc card has throughput measured in bytes per hour.

Your description of “tens of minutes” is not the experience that most people have.

Try one of Ubuntu’s many support venues for assistance diagnosing the problem that you are encountering.

Well, it must be the fact that a Raspberry Pi with only 4Gb of memory is horrifically slow. A boot only takes 10 to 15 minutes. I have worked with unix since 1980. I use Ubuntu on PC’s with no slowdown like I saw on the RasPi. Anyway I was hoping that the Python implementation did not have the site-packages dist-packages confusion that raspbian has such that nothing much more than a hello world script can be written, I will scrap the raspi and get a windows system on a card where I know what to expect. It is a pity that nobody has documented any way to get around the packages undocumented feature (bug).