Routing Desktop Ideas to Proper Channels

So, if we have desktop feature ideas that pertain to the desktop environment, we should be contacting the Gnome team? Thank you!

Depends on each idea.

There may be multiple stakeholders or upstreams involved sometimes.

Also, Gnome has a chronic problem of swimming in too many ideas than can possibly be implemented with the resources available. (Ubuntu has that problem, too.) That does NOT mean “don’t bother” – it means the ideas that get implemented tend to be prioritized if they require resources. There are many small projects within Gnome that don’t require resources (somebody’s pet project or upstream application) and those happily chug along while those volunteers or upstreams stay active.

Gnome has an annual GUADEC conference, and they put out public videos of most sessions. Were I in your shoes, I would Google a recent couple and see if any sessions are related to your ideas. That will give you an idea of Gnome folks’ thinking on the topic, and the challenges that they could use your help with.

You are also welcome to open threads on each idea here, and get feedback on the best upstream direction(s) to go, what’s already been tried in that field, etc. Advice: One thread per idea (lists never work well), space threads a few days apart. Check the Search feature – maybe there’s already an older thread on that topic that answers your question or can be resurrected and updated.


Ah, I see… thank you so much!