Rotated Installation of 17.10

I have an Asus transformer type laptop. Trying to see if I want to install 17.10. When I boot of thumb drive or CD I get a screen and mouse operation that is rotated 90 degrees. When I rotate the laptop, the screen rotates with it but is also off 90 degrees. How to fix? Maybe a config file?

This site is not for support type questions. You are recommended to use one of the support sites as found on (which I realize you already have - please don’t cross post)

Sorry, I’m a newbee but seems like there are way to many forums.

Closed and moved thread. Check guiverc’s reply for a list of the actual support options - then use one of them.

You might think there are too many options - I think there’s a good set of choices for people who prefer different methods of support. Such is life.

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