Rocks Public Journal 2024-03-01

:rock: What’s new?

Chiselled Python3.8 rock

This rock is out! Find it on Docker Hub and ECR.

Contributor experience in chisel-releases

We have added and will continue adding more automation and guidelines to smooth your contributing experience when you propose new slice definitions!

”A Pebble for your Rock”

We have recorded and posted a 30’ talk+demo on why and how we use Pebble for rocks. The use case is quite interesting as it attempts to simplify an existing deployment scenario for an ASP.NET app with a .NET Monitor sidecar.

”Let’s explore Rock-crafting!”

Check out this super nice blog from @linostar.

Rocks monthly community meeting

The meeting took place on the 27th of Feb. You can find the meeting report here.

Wanna hear more about rocks?

Join our Rocks Matrix space! You can also reach out to the community via Discourse.

Stay coal!

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