I’ve read previous posts regarding RHEL on LXD and understood that the primary concern was the licensing issue. However, I happened to know that there is BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) with which one can authenticate with Redhat to use the license they bought.

So is it possible to run RHEL on LXD? Any developments in that area?

Hi @capriciousduck, as long as you have a RHEL *.iso, you can try booting from that following this tutorial https://documentation.ubuntu.com/lxd/en/latest/howto/instances_create/#launch-a-vm-that-boots-from-an-iso.

Keep in mind that this is only valid for VMs, not containers.

Sorry. I should have mentioned - I am interested in RHEL containers.

On the technical side of things, running RHEL containers should not be different than running CentOS Stream, Rocky Linux or Alma Linux containers. However, the LXD project can’t provide pre-built images due to licensing restrictions, so you have to build it yourself.

You could potentially use lxd-migrate to import an existing machine or filesystem into a container