RFC: To GNOME/Wayland minded members of the desktop team

Background in short:

  • There is this “Xwayland on demand” idea in latest mutter
  • It means that you may start your wayland session without Xwayland and ibus-x11 processes running
  • This has proved to be an issue for ibus-mozc users, since ibus-mozc needs ibus-x11 to work.

Question: Would it be justifiable to make sure that Xwayland and ibus-x11 are started for everyone at login into a wayland session in impish, e.g. by running the xrefresh command in an autostart script?

It may be worth mentioning that — for some reason — Xwayland is started by default in Debian GNOME (testing) with basically the same mutter and ibus versions.

This is being discussed in more detail at bug #1946969.


The discussion at the bug report resulted in a pure mozc fix, i.e. Xwayland is started only for users who have ibus-mozc installed. So this topic can be considered solved.