Reviving the Mir performance tests

Mir has always had performance tests, but with recent changes they had been neglected. If you have the latest mir-test-tools installed you’ll find that running mir_performance_tests will report that 2/3 test suites fail.

This has gone unnoticed because:

  1. running performance tests on the CI hardware is pointless: the hardware is heavily used and the results meaningless; and,
  2. for the last few months nobody has had performance as a goal.

That meant that some changes landed that (unnoticed until today) broke these tests.

After fixing the tests I realised that they could be improved and extended with a little rework, so I did that too with the result that instead of the previous shell script running three executables, we have a single executable that includes all the tests and a few more.

The additional performance tests run the X11 build of glmark2 via Xmir or Xwayland and the Wayland build of glmark2. Some of these glmark builds only exist on Ubuntu, but it is possible to run the remaining performance tests on Fedora:

     $ sudo dnf install glmark2
     $ bin/mir_performance_tests  --gtest_filter=-GLMark2Wayland*

I’ve also moved some performance related tests out of mir_acceptance_tests (where they failed randomly when the CI hardware got loaded) and into mir_performance_tests

We should also ensure that running these tests gets included in the release process.