Revisiting recommended applications

Yes, we love Krita so much!
Ahem, fixed. Thanks.

I mean a sw in Ubuntu software and/or gnome-software to avoid/allow suggest snap applications.
e.g. if I ask for GIMP Ubuntu software suggest various snap an 1 .deb, with the sw it should suggest ONLY the .deb.

While I do agree that it’s a good idea to have a switch like that for Gnome Software where it isn’t explicit that snaps are alongside debs (likewise, I’d disagree for the Snap Store specifically, because that would defeat the purpose of a store for snaps IMO), I’m not sure if this thread would be the best place to discuss it.

Would it be a problem to promote Codium instead of VS Code? Actually, both are the same, but Codium does not use telemetry data.

I’m not necessarily arguing against that change, but I don’t think that’s the only difference. AFAIK Codium can’t use VS Code extensions, which is a pretty big deal.


Or at least ones from the Visual Studio Marketplace for legal reasons. I know there are open-source extension repositories like OpenVSIX, but I’m sure they don’t quite have the same catalog as what Microsoft offers.

But, yeah, that could be a deal-breaker for some, especially if they rely on certain extensions.

I just use some of the HMTL extensions in Codium, so I don’t know if Code and Codium have the same extension catalog. You’re both right I didn’t think about all the other extensions that Developers could use. Was just an Idea and maybe because i personally prefer it :slight_smile:


I currently use Codium (switching from VS Code) and haven’t found any missing alternatives (yet) to the plugins available in Microsoft’s marketplace.