Restore New Document > Empty Document behavior from 16.04?

Dear all,

I remember this great feature [1] back in the days of Ubuntu 16.04 to create a new plain text file document easily. I was collecting some thoughts [2] and while I agree that all this is still possible using the Templates directory, I believe it can still serve as a good example of how to use this Template directory if it contained one plain text file document by default.

What do you think? Something to potentially consider in 18.04?

Thank you!


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I say yes, but considering the new direction Ubuntu is taking I don’t think they will maintain GNOME applications downstream, except of some extensions maybe.

I would advise to open an issue upstream but don’t bother. GNOME developers already know this and they are not willing to change it. It’s not a bug(issue), it’s a feature (design) :stuck_out_tongue:

If one installs Abiword, Gnome’s word processor suite, then that behaviour exists by default. It’s in the universe repos.


That’s something. I didn’t know.

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Actually I should have phrased that differently - One has to allow Nautilus to manage the desktop, and then a right click on desktop has the option of creating a new document, with AbiWord installed. That was default behaviour on Debian vanilla Gnome for the longest time with AW before LibreOffice became the default.

I tend to agree. Even though there are other and better ways to achieve that, the right-click is more intuitive and we tend to expect it to be there. Fore those of us that read documentations it is easy enough to find solutions but for others it is sometimes an issue, not knowing what they’re looking for. I’ve been there some years ago and I STILL remember it. :thinking: :wink:


So, maybe an easy workaround is to ship Abiword by default?

Then we don’t have to talk to Gnome. :smiley:

They consider this lack a feature, it seems, and don’t want to reintegrate it.

I should mention that I’m not a heavy user of advanced features in a word processor [I’m generally more comfortable in a vim terminal]. That said, for my needs, Abiword is sufficient. I don’t know if it would satisfy the user, who’s hitched to LibreOffice/OpenOffice.

I don’t mean to replace LO but just have Abiword installed to provide this feature.

Actually we already have this [1] bug report about it.


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