Responses Needed: Flavor Participation for 24.04 LTS

(Original post on the ubuntu-devel mailing list, Utkarsh’s updated post on the ubuntu-release mailing list.)

Hello flavors!

As we do around the start of every new cycle, I am reaching out to all the current official Ubuntu flavors to confirm active participation in the upcoming Ubuntu release - 24.04 LTS, codenamed Noble.

Working towards a release requires a lot of effort, so we’d like to make sure all the flavors are ready, properly staffed, and have enough time allocated to make 24.04 LTS happen for their users. This is why, similarly to last time, I will need a confirmation follow-up message about Noble participation and your planned efforts this cycle from every flavor, that is:

Update: We are at 100% on this one, thank you!

We’d also like to remind you that we need at least two people as contacts for each flavor listed in the “Product manifest”. So, if your flavor doesn’t have two listed contacts, please get in touch with us and help update the list.

The flavors which currently do not have 2 (or more) contacts are:

  • Edubuntu
  • Ubuntu Budgie (expressed privately but not updated in the manifest)
  • Ubuntu Cinnamon (expressed on the mailing list but not updated in the manifest)
  • Ubuntu Kylin
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Ubuntu Unity

Also, given this is a Long-Term Support release, if you’d like to participate as an LTS, you will need to go through the LTS Qualification Process with the Ubuntu Technical Board. Please contact to kick off this process.

These are the flavors which still need to submit an application to the TB (please check it off if you’re ineligible):

  • Edubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • Lubuntu
  • Ubuntu Budgie
  • Ubuntu Cinnamon
  • Ubuntu Kylin
  • Ubuntu MATE
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Ubuntu Unity
  • Xubuntu

Diversity of opinion within the Ubuntu ecosystem makes us stronger. Flavors play an important role in making a resilient, inclusive, and technically-sound Ubuntu, for all of us, inspiring us to do better, and be better. As important players within the project, we especially value your opinions, and are happy to address concerns if you run into trouble.

This release, we are making a concerted effort to move off of Ubiquity entirely and across the board, in time for the LTS. Ubuntu Budgie has paved the way for flavor participation with the new Ubuntu Desktop Installer, while Lubuntu continues to innovate and push the limits of what is possible with Calamares. Whatever route your flavor chooses, it would be an incredibly wise decision to move off of Ubiquity.

If you have any concerns regarding your participation, or a switch in installers, please feel free to reach out to me, Utkarsh, or anyone from the ~ubuntu-release team.

Thank you!


I confirm that Ubuntu MATE :maté:will be participating in the 24.04 LTS :+1:


Confirming on behalf of Ubuntu Studio and Edubuntu (proxy and RM for @amypenguin ). Also updated the manifest to include @amypenguin as the second contact.


Ubuntu Budgie will be participating fully in 24.04 LTS.

Our two contacts have separately been communicated to @utkarsh


Lubuntu will be participating. (Decision as Lubuntu Team Leader, +1 to Simon’s provisional check mark there)


Xubuntu will be participating in 24.04. Let’s go! :rocket:


Ubuntu Unity will indeed be taking part in the 24.04 LTS release.

Our second contact would be @maik-adamietz (


Hello again flavors!

I have updated this post to include some additional details I was missing, from Uktarsh’s email.

@m_wimpress @eeickmeyer @fossfreedom @teward @bluesabre @rs2009 If you could please give it a re-read and edit your message as soon as possible, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, and sorry for the extra churn.

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Kubuntu will be participating in 24.04 LTS


Ubuntu Cinnamon will be participating in 24.04 LTS!


Just received this in the moderator queue for ubuntu-flavors:

Hi, Gupta,

Ubuntu Kylin will participate in 24.04 LTS. And please add Bowen Xi (

to the contacts of Ubuntu Kylin.



This means we’re at 100% participation this cycle, congratulations! Let’s make it a great one :slight_smile:


@itzswirlz @m_wimpress @rs2009 Hello :slight_smile: just looking to see if you could give us an additional contact.

Thanks in advance!

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Just to be entirely clear (pinging everyone, so @teward @rs2009 @fossfreedom @eeickmeyer @amypenguin @bluesabre @itzswirlz @acheron @m_wimpress), after clarifying today, we will all need to send an email to the Ubuntu Technical Board, to re-qualify as a Long-Term Support release. Please follow up with the Technical Board as soon as possible, if you are eligible for, and plan to participate as, a Long-Term Support release.

To quote Steve Langasek, “a lot can change in a community in 2 years, we don’t carry forward the LTS label for a 3 or 5 year committment without re-review.”

Sorry for all the back and forth, I think this should be the last of it.


Confirming that Rudra (rs2009) added me as second contact so that Ubuntu Unity can participate for the 24.04 LTS release.


There IS a lot of “back and forthing”. Maybe better to DM known maintainers, as not all the flavours teams monitor this thread on a daily basis, so that they don’t miss out on new, timr-critical actions.

I mean, we’ve covered all the points. Also, if you read the top post, you have all the details. @itzswirlz, who (I would imagine) writes pages on a daily basis, actually hit all the points right off the bat.

I’ve been making a point to ping individual flavor contacts through the usual 1:1 channels, and on Even Ubuntu Kylin seems to have responded.

We could have been clearer on the messaging, but I absolutely defend the way I followed up on it.


Rudra (rs2009) is on a vacation and returns by Sunday. I tried to reach out to him on Telegram but didn’t get any further response wheter he submitted the application or not. I’ll try to contact him again this evening when i’m home from work.