Removing node from cluster broke a node

Hi community!

I had a 3 nodes cluster running for 1,5 years, LXD is really great!

Some time ago, I had to remove one node (we needed the server for another use).
No problem here, works like a charm!

Now, I need to send a server to another location (with some VM on it).
So, I split VM/containers between the 2 remaining nodes, and removed a node from the cluster.
…but now, the other node won’t start anymore.
It was not holding a global database copy :smiling_face_with_tear:

The log says:

Failed connecting to global database" attempt=375 err="failed to create dqlite connection: no available dqlite leader server found


Dqlite: attempt 1: server lxd01.local:8443: no known leader

I still have access to the second node, if needed.

My LXD version: 5.21.1

Is there any solution?
I’d like to avoid reinstalling the server and import backups (and I’m pretty sure there is a better solution!)

Thank you!