Release v0.2.0 of "miracle-wm", a Wayland compositor built on Mir

Happy April everyone! I am excited to announce release v0.2.0 of miracle-wm. As I mentioned in the previous release, all releases leading up to v1.0.0 are considered pre-releases, meaning that there may be some unexpected bugs or hitches on your particular platform that need fixing. Still, if you’d like to give the compositor a try - even if it’s just to test if it runs on your machine and whatnot - I would very much appreciate it!

You can check out the full details of the release, including a feature list, bug list, and installation instructions, on Github: .

To install the compositor, simply do:

sudo snap install miracle-wm --classic

Looking forward to your feedback!



This is also now available in Fedora 40 thanks for @matthew-kosarek packaging it for Fedora. :slight_smile:

You can install it using DNF like so:

sudo dnf install miracle-wm