Release status

This page summarizes the status of all the snaps maintained by the Mir team. We care about a number of them, from test tools to production.

Ubuntu Frame stack

The Ubuntu Frame stack is our offering for Internet of Things (IoT), digital signage, point of sale systems and interactive kiosk use cases.

Graphics stack snaps

These snaps provide the graphical userspace drivers needed for graphical applications.

Test utilities

These snaps contain test utilities for testing various aspects of the graphical software stack.


These snaps are in various stages of development, providing us with test environments and applications to verify and/or showcase the capabilities of the Mir stack.


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Given that the software is under development, I wouldn’t take a chance having those snaps (the ones under Others category) with no license. I’ve opened a question in Snapcraft for calling to consensus about rights and obligations, but this is different. You should limit your responsibility in the same page because there is an install button there. Yes most of them are stable but … .I don’t know. It is just a suggestion, it is not hard for me to see a connection between IoT things and lawyers

Yes there is an install icon. This is for all of us that do testing of O.S.s & other programs that are under development.
Which our testing creates bug reports that go to the
developer to help them finalize the O.S. or Program.
Your worries are irrelevant, their is no release file included because they are under development. QA Testing

I speak Spanish if you need me to translate it for you.
Lucky you your tests finish mine are still running :yum:

This is not my first time having issues running the tests, that one in the screenshot has been running for ten minutes.

My point is, that on top of the variety of hardware out there IoT adds more complexity on what could go wrong. I don’t think there is much regulations as there are for desktop, laptops, and cellphones. When I say it is software under development, I mean that we (developers, customers and enthusiast) might be running code that has been deprecated by a simple mistake. No one is perfect, so it could be wise make the corresponding disclaimer

Could you explain the problem you are trying to solve? And how your proposal solves it?

Stating which licences apply to the contents of a Snap on the store page does not limit responsibilities.

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It is not as simple as “my proposal will solve this”. I would have to do a proposal in the first place and that would be boring for everybody. People want to click install and move forward.

Your affirmation in the last sentence is highly correct. People should be able to read it.
This topic is huge, but think about it in this simple sentence:

If you want to use this software, you would have to accept the license. To read the license download the program and start the installation process.

Later in the license … by using this software you agreed that from now “The company” will keep a copy of your data for improvement to the application (and it could be shared with local authorities if it is formally requested) yara yara

Licenses should be forwarded for our freedom, privacy, responsibilities, and obligations.

GPL-3 License such as Miriway.
Yes it is readable and available.

Yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking that posting that screenshot just like that was bad propaganda for free, when in reality, there’s a team making an great effort behind it.
As can be seen here, the project complies with what is expected in terms of tests after being built from the sources (without making any modifications).
Apparently the version I’m using from a third-party dependency on the project was reporting a missing Python package in unit tests, even though the error wasn’t picked up in the general test status output. Or I didn’t wait enough maybe(?) I think I did.

I hope this clears up my guilt about reporting things on the wrong site. All I intended to do here was advise something that might be prudent. It was not my intention to bring licensing controversy here, it was just an advise, you can drop it, no worries.


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