Reconcidering workflows

Hi everyone!

Andriy from Crowdin team is here. There are many Ubuntu fans in our team and we’d be happy to provide you a localization solution + unlimited assistance with managing the l10n.

Let me describe only a few advantages we can offer:

  • Collaboration was never easier, translators can vote for the best translations and proofreaders can approve them;
  • Perfect support for PO and Markdown files;
  • Everything you may need to achieve high-quality translations - TM, glossaries, screenshots, context, possibility to localize websites live etc.;
  • Advanced workflows, so you can add more proofreading steps if needed;
  • Free for Open Source, without any limits and all features are included;
  • Assistance on any step, we love to help;
  • Teams like electron, React, Node.JS, Docusaurus and many others already use Crowdin;
  • We continue growing fast, Crowdin becomes better each day :slight_smile:

I’m always open to a discussion and it would be my pleasure to help with the setup. Please drop me any questions here or we can schedule a mega quick meeting to discuss details. Feeling so excited to have a chance to assist Ubuntu community! :tada:

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This is awesome! Thank you so much! :tada:

If there is a chance anyone from the community can connect us with Canonical team (or hopefully they monitor the thread), we can try to make something impressive together!

I’m totally fine to answer any questions you may have in this thread or we can talk sometime later

Hope for the best

Don’t get me wrong, I truly like Crowdin, seriously.

I just don’t think that Canonical would go for a system that can’t be self hosted by them, Rosetta (Launchpad) is internally developed and hosted and even though the costs are accordingly I don’t think they can settle for less.

I wish there was such an easy solution.

BTW, out of curiosity, how well does Crowding support Bzr or Mercurial?

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Well, Canonical is now using Gnome, Wayland, Flatpack, etc.
Let them talk. Let’s try to contact with the team.

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No problem, totally understand and confirm that Crowdin is a cloud-based solution. It should be easier for everyone, since maintenance will be totally handled by us, Canonical will only need to setup files sync in a preferred way (we have a console client (CLI), API, integration with GitHub / Bitbucket / GitLab + can assist with custom setup).

There is a mobile view as well, so it will be comfortable to work on translations using any device.

We support Mercurial in Bitbucket integration, currently the only way to setup Crowdin<->Bazaar sync is usage of our CLI - files will be sent to Crowdin from the server over CLI; translations will be downloaded via CLI and pulled to the server, so then it will be possible to push them to Bazaar

Thank you so much for your effort!


Okay here is LoCo Council’s email:
The team:

Here is GNOME Translation Project’s email:
Subscribe here:

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Did you post anything? Can you post the links to the discussions?

That is an awesome offer. But personally, I think that instead of putting our efforts to migrate to a new system, we should be spending time to redesign our workflows to work closer to upstream (in whatever tool they use) and figure out what are our requirements to integrate that work.

Is there a way to contact the DevOps or architecture engineers to discuss some open source solutions? Is someone from Canonical/Ubuntu team involved?

I’m translating upstream already as we agreed before. I’m using Gtranslator which have many plugins such as TM, dictionary, glossary, etc. It’s kind of buggy and unmaintained but it works fine for me.

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As part of my efforts I’ve filed the following bug, hoping that soon I’ll collect enough features to improve the translation module.

This is regarding GitHub and GitLab support, GNOME and Freedesktop moved over to GitLab, I’m guessing some adjustment is needed from Launchpad’s side.

Yes, the inability to link GitLab issues is annoying. Hopefully they fix that soon.

Not sure how it’s related to translations, though. Anything I’m missing?

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Nope, you’re not missing a thing, just making sure I’m on the right track.

I need to compare functionality in order to file a very good bug report, otherwise it’s no use.

This is the first one, It’ll take a while to cover all the gaps between Launchpad/Rosetta and modern localization systems since there’s a lot to cover.

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More bugs:

This pretty much sums up what I’m thinking, I respect the fact that Canonical are not willing to put any effort on Launchpad but it shouldn’t be the volunteers problem, pick any other suitable solution and leave Launchpad behind for the project that still want to use it, it’s just not good enough for Ubuntu and it’s not modern enough in almost any other aspect.

@gunnarhj I’m not blaming anyone, really, Canonical is a profitable company and I want to stay on this track and be even more profitable and I wish they wouldn’t have to invest any money in developing their own tools at all, but they still have to provide some tools for the community yet they don’t have to develop these tools themselves, there are many open source alternatives to what Canonical are offering to their volunteers these days and it’s a total waste of time trying to fix Launchpad, I don’t see any progress and it’s been like that since I’ve joined the project over 12 years ago, please, leave the ego aside and take a responsibility over the community.

Thank you!

@yaron: I’d like to remind of what I wrote in this message.

But to make progress, we need Canonical involvement in this discussion. I think that @cjwatson or @wgrant would be able to provide the Canonical view on the topic.

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I didn’t know that we have this discussion here, and emailed translators mailing list, Iam also supporting Yaron’s talk about using launchpad platform to translating Ubuntu, because the platform is too old or not good enough these days for translations, because it lacks of too many things, most important thing is translation memory ™, because it did help me a lot during translation to other projects that I maintain or do translation for, And another thing which is important also is searching a string among all files and strings inside a project, that make your work more productive and helping you translate which one is important during starting the translation. There are more than one translation platform which are better than launchpad and full of feature and customization (i.e. Weblate and Pontoon) both of them are open source and easy to use.
Imagine with me I did translate approx. 6000 strings in Ubuntu in more than 6 months, but in other side I did translate more than 22000 string in LibreOffice and Firefox in just 3 months or earlier.
I did fill a bug in launchpad and got nothing.
Hope You Listen to us and see what we are suffering from while translating in Launchpad.

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