Real time conversation

Quick question. Do you all think we need a project chatroom, Matrix / Telegram etc, or are we all happy just doing comms via Discourse?

There’s already an IRC channel - #ubuntu-uk on Libera.

However, as Ubuntu is moving towards matrix, we should probably have a channel there.

Once created, if we ask the people in each, perhaps we can bridge it?

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Ahh thanks for the heads up on the IRC .

You’re right, it’s probably best to follow the same protocol as Ubuntu. I think Aaron is looking into moving the LoCo’s to Matrix. I’ll reach out to him to see how he’s getting on and if there is anything we can do to get on.

Great idea of yours about the bridging.

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I have pinged a request into the Ubuntu Matrix Ops room. Seems to be that is the area to ask for rooms to be opened. I’ll keep you all updated. Alternatively you may see their reply in their chat room.

The ubuntu . com Matrix home server team have kindly set us up a Matrix room. It is housed at the following address

I was in the stages of inviting people to join, but Fluffy Chat has become unresponsive and will not load. As soon as I am back up and running I’ll invite those active here in.

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I’ve added the link to our discourse pages in the Matrix Room description.

The Mjolnir moderator bot has been activated in our Matrix room.

Link to new Matrix Room. Oddly the old one got encrypted by elementX install. Old users will get a prompt to join the new room within Matrix: