Real performance impact of having the Snap Service or Snap packages installed on the system

I am asking because I find no real negative impact on them whatsoever. Sure the lsblk looks like a mess (Just a minor joke) but is there any real tests that would say that either:

  1. Having the snap service installed slows down the system
  2. Having snap packages installed slows down the system

I am truly asking because I can not find a single place that would say this with evidence. Just more based on “I hate snap” talks.

The reason I am asking because on April I will be doing a step by step Ubuntu installation and one topic I would like to cite about is the real snap performance impact.

Last year I wrote a three part overview of snap performance in Ubuntu related specifically to Firefox which you may find interesting.

Performance is a very broad topic and its worth considering the different circumstances performance matters, such as runtime, boot time, etc. We always welcome independent benchmarks if you want to run your own. In some cases like Firefox we’ve provided instructions on how to do so and for others there are often built in or existing performance tools for comparison (for example you could use ManoHUD to benchmark games running in the Steam snap vs deb). :slight_smile:


This is a PRETTY COOL start for me. Thank you.

In Ubuntu 24.04 I have both firefox snap and firefox trunk (nightly) .deb installed from PPA and I don’t see difference in performances, also use of memory is about the same.

Screenshot from 2024-02-29 17-48-27


This is beautiful buddy.