Read Only - Permission Error on External Drive


I am new to ubuntu i am facing error while accessing (writing / create ) data of external drives,
I’ve 3 drives,
1 - Ubuntu
2 -Windows
3 -For Storing Data

While i am making changes to the files in Drive number 3, it gives me permission error, please find the below screenshot for reference.

NOTE : I am using DUAL BOOT with Win 10 & Ubuntu 18.

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The drive is mounted as read-only as the error tells you; so either your mount was wrong, you tried to mount an unclean file-system (eg. one where windows hand’t closed it correctly as can happen with hibernate (which includes fast-boot), etc. Ubuntu releases are in format (there is no Ubuntu 18), with two releases for 2018; 18.04 LTS from April, and 18.10 coming out next week.