Re-Verification for Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team

Since the LoCo Community Council remains in limbo, I was advised to seek information and possibly a solution from the Community Council. The Arizona LoCo Team needs to be re-verified prior to its expiration date (11 December). We have prepared our application and it can be reviewed at Is there anything else that I need to do to get the re-verification process started.


Hello! I’ve given the CC a heads up, and hopefully one of them will reply to your post shortly with the next steps. Additionally, I hope the findings of the LoCo research group can help bring the LoCo council out of limbo and into a healthy, sustainable state.

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Thank you. I have also sent an email to the Community Council with the same information. (Plan B)

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The Arizona Local Community Team is one of the most active, hardest-working LoCos in the United States.

It is my honor to speak on behalf of the Community Council and recognize not only their ongoing commitment to Ubuntu, but also their excellence and hard work. Thank you for everything you do for Ubuntu.