Re-install of Ubuntu question

I have version 16.0 on my laptop and all of a sudden it keeps freezing and requires a hard boot. I would like to install version 18 and want to know if installation will just update what it needs to and will fix my problems (appears to be a dependency problem) or will it wipe out everything and install the new version?

Would like to just repair my current version if possible.

Thanks for any assistance.

This site is for the co-ordination of the Ubuntu project(s), and not support.

For Ubuntu Support options, there are many listed at

You should fix problems (in my opinion) before you jump to the next version, as they could impact the upgrade process, or remain anyway after upgrade. If it’s dependency problems, I doubt do-release-upgrade would even start, or if it did [start] that it would fail - but I can’t know as I don’t know your issue - and discussing it further belongs in a support forum, irc support chat room, launchpad questions etc