/r/Ubuntu CSS update for 18.04

Hello all!

I am loving the work being done over on: Mockups/new design discussion and I wanted to announce here I will be working on updating the CSS of /r/Ubuntu and I will be as always looking for people to contribute to this. Last time round for the 16.04 release we had a good team working on this but sadly it seems people have moved on. (Which is fine! :slight_smile:)

The code is hosted here:https://github.com/ubuntu-on-reddit/redditstyle
and the test bed for the CSS is at:https://www.reddit.com/r/DSMcGuire/ however this is a locked down subreddit so you will have to ask me for permission to view and make changes to it.

Hope to hear from some people soon!


Awesome news! Thanks @DSMcGuire

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Sadly with the update to reddit it seems the CSS will be far more limited than I was expecting:

I will work this new style from here out and modify it as much as I can.

Perhaps we can have a banner competition or something for the subreddit which would be cool.

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Here is the latest update:


May I just ask you one thing? Put the ยซ Tech support questions that are not links to Askubuntu or the forums will be removed ยป (text for submissions) in bold, red and underline. And maybe blink (no, Iโ€™m kidding). The sub is filled with tech support :frowning:

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We are looking at that, with the new redesign from Reddit we cannot (yet) colour certain text so we will see what we can do.