Quick Test

The idea here is that we create a new topic every week where the desktop team can post their updates as a reply to that topic. That will happen on a Monday (or perhaps the Friday before) and people can have a chance to review the notes before the meeting and raise any questions during the meeting.

Hopefully that will keep things moving and be less boring than the current copy & paste fest.

Let’s see if everyone can post here…


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I can post to this thread too!


It seems that I can reply to the topic properly!

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Blip blop blop, and this is 20 characters

Now it is working for me, too.



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  • dshfjfdj
  • jskkvvkjv



Seems all to work as on snapcraft.io, only the GitHub links do not come out so nicely.



  • BAR
    • baz
      • zzzzzzzzz

My weekly report is:

  • Added item to the forum quick test