Questions with setting up ipmi and pxe for MaaS

ok. to start with, i have two servers, 1 & 2. 1 is an asus dsbf-d behind 9TB RAID 6 and 2x1.5TB extra SATA. 2 is a poweredge t310 with currently empty RAID, but is receiving a new GTX1050sc(likely 3 more). server 1 has full maas and 2 has rack controller. when 2 is finished booting i can see the full controller summary and the rest on 1.

my question is about ipmi and pxe with regards to maas. how can i tell if my bmc settings are correct on 2, and do i have to do extra setup on 1 to act as the ipmi server, or does maas cover that already? also, how do i make sure that 2 is set up as an ipmi client to recieve poweroff and on, because i can’t get maas on 1 to poweroff 2?

i also have a cisco 5 port switch in between the bmc nic on 2 and the second nic on 1.

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