Questions about the GNOME Software Debian package

Is GNOME Software patched by Ubuntu to add Snap support?
Are there any intentions of dropping or ceasing to update the gnome-software Debian package?

GNOME Software supports snap if you install gnome-software-plugin-snap, both on Debian and Ubuntu. And on Ubuntu, the gnome-software-plugin-snap is installed by default.

The package will stay of course, but you have to install it manually.


The snap plugin might no longer be installed by default for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS when someone runs sudo apt install gnome-software . This is because people who manually install the GNOME Software app might not need the Snap support. For instance, the app could be used by people who just want an app to install Flatpaks since Ubuntu’s App Center app already supports .deb and Snap apps.

GNOME Software’s support for the Snap plugin is upstream and it will continue to be available in Debian and Ubuntu in the gnome-software-plugin-snap package. And GNOME Software will continue to be updated like other GNOME packages are updated.


Ubuntu is focusing on their Snap Store app instead, so they don’t have to patch Gnome Software. It’s very vanilla actually. And yes, it has an upstream snap plugin.

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My use case specifically is that I want to use snaps, Flatpaks, and .debs, and I dislike having two different app stores. That’s why I installed GNOME Software and like having a Snap plugin. Thank you for the information.