Pulse 10 - Ubuntu Desktop Engineering Update

Hi I’m Tim :wave: Engineering Director for Ubuntu Desktop. I joined Canonical the last few days of February and immediately found myself amongst the torrent of: Lunar Lobster’s release, building the Mantic Minotaur roadmap, and then a two week sprint in beautiful Prague. Although it was busy it was fantastic to be part of the process. So, thank you to everyone who helped bring me up to speed (well this is ongoing) and for been patient with my endless questions (these too are also ongoing) :pray:

Image of Prauge from wikimedia

One of my goals over the next 12 months is to evolve the desktop team’s engineering practices; part of that effort is looking at how our engineering processes engage with the community and how we direct your passion towards building the best desktop. I have a few ideas around this so stay tuned.

The desktop team works to a two-week “pulse” – you might know this as a sprint, but in Canonical a sprint refers to our twice-a-year in-person meets. So lets stick with pulse to avoid confusion. My intention is to provide the community with a steady stream of updates on what the desktop team is up to in those pulses and give you an opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback should you have any. If all goes to plan, this means fortnightly updates summarising progress. There’s not much to update you on today, however, because most of the team have been travelling and enjoying some well-deserved leave.

The one bit I do have to share today, is that if you want a sneak peek at our Mantic roadmap check out the recent Indaba where we discuss our favourite features from Lunar and a few planned features on the Mantic roadmap (zfs :wink:) .

Okay that’s everything from me today but feel free to ask anything and I’ll do my best to answer. Have a lovely weekend and please do check back in a fortnight.