PSA: Ubuntu GNOME packages development moved to Debian Salsa

Hi all,

As already mentioned in various development channels, after the whole packages vcs migration to git we decided to migrate to debian salsa to both make easier to maintain some shared branches and to help our upstream when possible.

So, all the GNOME packages that where previously managed in launchpad git branches, have been moved via our desktopper-nachos script to salsa, all the branches and tags should be there now and debian/control's Vcs-* tags have been updated accordingly too.

So, there’s no much to do other than do

git remote add salsa$YOUR_PACKAGE

Thus I’d suggest you to add something like this to your ~/.gitconfig:

[url ""]                                                                                 
    insteadof = salsa:

[url ""]                                                                                 
    insteadof = salsa-gnome:

To just be able to push/clone via salsa-gnome:$MYPACKAGE, although using gbp clone vcsgit:$MYPACKAGE would also work once the packages with the updated control files will hit the archives.

We may soon move other packages that are not part of the gnome-team as well.

While other packages that are in not in debian yet, should be managed by the Ubuntu-dev subteam.

Last but not least, @laney has also created a modified version of KGB (the #debian-gnome bot) that will keep us updated of changes in #ubuntu-desktop, so we should get some push notifications soon!


Thanks for doing this Marco!

I think the wiki page needs a bit of refreshing for this (and ideally some general tidying up) - is that on your list?

I got some code reviews yesterday and hopefully that should be merged soon…

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It wasn’t but I’ve just updated it :slight_smile:


Thanks for updating the wiki page info! :+1: :slight_smile: