Proposed New Appliance: Subsonic Music Server

Your interest and involvement

I am the maintainer of the Subsonic snap


The Subsonic Music Server Appliance would be targeted at home users.

Software considerations

There is a snap for Subsonic:
Optinally, for easier discoverbility on the local network, the avahi snap could be installed alongside:

Hardware considerations

Subsonic is a java application that should run on all supported platforms. When used as a server there are no additional hardware requirements. When run as a jukebox, audio out would be a requirement.
Some form of (external) storage is desirable to hold the media library.

Security considerations

Apart from some autoconnected interfaces, the removable-media interface is consumed by the Subsonic snap. This would need to be autoconnected in the appliance.


The privacy policy of Subsonic can be found here:

Maintenance considerations

The snap is regularly updated to incorporate security patches and updates to the Ubuntu packages the software depends on. Upstream for Subsonic is also monitored regularly.

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Great idea! Thanks for maintaining your snap of subsonic - especially for keeping it up to date for over two years. Have you spoken to upstream about making an ‘official’ subsonic (using the real name, rather than the name-spaced one) snap?

I think it would be good to re-visit conversations with upstream both on the subject of an official snap - which may well be co-maintained by yourself (?) and an appliance based on it. What do you think?

Wow, has it been two years already? Wasn’t completely my idea though. The thought did cross my mind when I heard about appliances, but @wimpy provided the final nudge to make this a reality.

I wholeheartedly agree. I will attempt to establish contact with upstream again to get the ball rolling…


Did you get anywhere talking to the upstream folks perchance?

Unfortunately not. I was just now checking my mailbox to see if I had been replied to.
It has been two months, and I unfortunately have had zero reaction.

How should I now proceed, do you reckon?

Hmm, well definitely fire them another email, I find a lot of folks don’t reply until the second go.

But also, I’ll go looking and see if I can’t reach out with a Canonical email and see if they bite too.

This would be more like the third or fourth go by now, but in the interest of having tried to the utmost, I will give it another go.

I have despaired of ever getting in contact with the maker of Subsonic. Also since there hasn’t been a new release in quite some time, I wonder if it is even in active development still.

I have started snapping Airsonic. When it is ready I will submit a new proposal for an AirSonic appliance.


Sounds like a plan :+1: Of course, if you run into issues with the snap let us know, here or on, and we can help :smile:

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