Proposed New Appliance: ONLYOFFICE Docs

Your interest and involvement

I’m from ONLYOFFICE team, our developers maintain the ONLYOFFICE Document Server snap. So, this is an appliance for a project I’m involved in.


This appliance can be used by various categories of users: home users, integrators, developers, etc.

ONLYOFFICE Document Server (ONLYOFFICE Docs) comprises web-based viewers and collaborative editors for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations highly compatible with OOXML formats (docx, xlsx, pptx).

Software considerations

The software for this appliance already runs on Linux and has a snap. It is open-source.

Hardware considerations

The new appliance should work on x86 arch i.e. Intel NUC or VM.

Security considerations



ONLYOFFICE Document Server is distributed under GNU AGPL v3.0. The source code can be found on GitHub:

ONLYOFFICE Privacy Policy, SLA, and the license agreement for ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition can be found on the official website under

Maintenance considerations

The ONLYOFFICE Document Server snap is upgraded systematically to integrate security patches and updates into the corresponding Ubuntu packages used for the snap.

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Hi Ksenia :blush:

Thanks for your proposal. This seems like a good use case and it’s great that you’re a part of the project, hopefully, that means you’ll be able to put us in touch with your developers when needed.

Since ONLYOFFICE Docs is already a snap we’re in a good place.

Looking at your website it seems the full ONLY OFFICE stack is too big for a Raspberry Pi but I wonder if it would be worth trying to create a smaller arm image to target Raspberry Pis too if ONLYOFFICE Docs is smaller? That’s where the appliance user base is at its highest. No problem if not just curious.

As for privacy, security, and maintenance issues, it looks like everything you have there lines up, we’ll go into it more once we get going with this but I see no reason why not.

I’ll ping you seperately so we can set up a call to talk about what happens next :blush:

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