Proposed New Appliance: Kodi

Your interest and involvement

Just interested in having it as it would be nice to move all infrastructure to Ubuntu (I’m currently running OSMC on a Pi. Sidenote: OSMC does not officially support booting from USB/external SSD. Given the speed/reliability improvements, this would be a huge plus if possible as an appliance)


Home users

Software considerations

Kodi is a free and open source Media Center. There is a mir-kiosk-snap from Alan Griffiths (
As for other snaps I’m not sure.

Hardware considerations

The appliance should work on ARM and x86. Only an external monitor and sound out is needed for normal usage. Support for (USB) remotes would be nice, but is not a requirement

Security considerations

No idea


Maintenance considerations

Should use existing maintenance infrastructure as kodi debs are available from Ubuntu.


This is a great idea. Kodi is a perfect example of the kind of install-and-forget application you want behind the TV! :smiley:

I will talk to Alan Griffiths, and see what we can do about getting this work upstreamed. Thanks for the suggestion!



I’m happy to help, but be aware there are still issues to be addressed for ARM systems in general and with the 18.04 i965-va-driver (using base: core20 doesn’t work with my current snapcraft plugins).

Here’s the contact I had with upstream:


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In the interest of enabling progress, I’ve tried using base: core20 and the Ubuntu archive instead of using a plugin to access the Kodi PPA.

The 20.04 archive has the advantage of a working i965-va-driver and builds for arm64 and armhf.

It has the big disadvantage of no “repository” for add-ons. (And no i386 build.)

The branch is here:


The lack of “repository” was a transcription error, I’ve fixed that in the branch.

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