Proposed New Appliance: Gitea

Software considerations

Standalone free software, self-hosted github/gitlab-like code hosting and development tool.

No additional snaps other than Gitea are required.

Hardware considerations

No additional hardware required. Gitea is built for x86 and ARM and functions as a networked appliance, with a web based administration and development tool. Will work on Pi and NUC, although Pi 4 with 2GB of RAM or more would be best.

Security considerations

  • Existing snap interfaces are sufficient.

Policy considerations

Upstream considerations

  • No, I’m not involved in the project but would like to collaborate with upstream to get an appliance published.

The snap is already in the edge channel but they’ve not pushed any stable builds. I modified their snapcraft yaml and did a PR earlier today. It can now be used to build stable and edge builds, which upstream can manage via the snap store web UI. Once that’s landed we can build a PoC appliance image.

The PR looks to have landed now. @popey start your engines!

please note

snap updates currently fail if you blindly accept the defaults for the gitea config page …