Propose new appliance: pi-hole+squid+Router+FW with Webmin

A gateway UTM appliance that can be at any home or small office sitting between the LAN & ISP Router.

Webmin-Web-based system wide configuration tool
pi-home - Network-wide Ad Blocking
Squid Proxy - Proxy server with ACL in order to grant or restrict Internet access with gui like proxymin or webmin


I would love to have an Ubuntu Core router. We have adguard-home already, which does comparable things to pi-hole. Having pi-hole too would be great, I agree. The other parts, web admin tools and network config utilities would really cool too.

I think the tricky part is, for a router, you typically want multiple hardware interfaces - usually multiple wired Ethernet ports. Are there good, abundant, reasonable-cost devices we can target with this kind of thing? A raspberry pi with a WiFi dongle could work for small installations, and perhaps that should be the first target?

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Got inspired with this thread ( ) need to try…