Propose new appliance: Emilia Pinball / Pincab profile

You might already know “Emilia pinball”.

I am using it to build a pinball cabinet device, see progress at:

Here is a version running on old PC:

Which I have rebased on ubuntu-core:20 for RPi4 running mir kiosk, watch this short video clip:

Demo will be presented at LGM2021:

Feedback welcome at:

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Damn, this is pretty cool :heart_eyes_cat:

If you’re looking for feedback on the snap you’re better off heading over to - that’s where the most snap people hang out.

If you’ve put it in this category hoping to get it built into an Ubuntu appliance however, I think that would be super awesome. The snap itself would have to make it to stable first, but keep us posted :sweat_smile: