Proposal: Drop gnome-todo from default install

I propose that we drop the GNOME To Do app from our default install for Ubuntu 22.10.


GNOME To Do was added to the Ubuntu Desktop default install for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, as a reaction to its inclusion by default in core GNOME 3.26.

However, less than 2 months after the Ubuntu change was made, GNOME quickly changed direction and dropped it from their core apps in GNOME 3.28.

Later, the app’s primary developer resigned as maintainer of the app. Last month, a new maintainer released version 42 of the app and renamed the app to Endeavour in part to recognize its status as no longer part of core GNOME.

Current Status

I am uploading GNOME To Do 41 to Ubuntu 22.10 now. Endeavour 42 will follow (maybe next week?) but it has to be approved in the new queues first because of the new package names.


I think that the app is less intuitive with its new name, especially compared to the rest of our default apps which tend to have clear names like Files and Document Viewer or recognized brands like Firefox.

The app is a bit less well-maintained currently, although it’s always possible for it to improve in the future. One particular concern for me is that the date picker is broken in the 41 or 42 version of the app.


I’m +1 for dropping it from the default install.


As an ADHD adult who needs to make to-do lists everywhere, this application was nothing more than a gimmick, dreadfully limited in functionality and design. Drop it like it’s on fire

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+1 from my side :slight_smile:


Gentle reminder: The Gnome ToDo developers are our FOSS friends. Let’s avoid hyperbole and try to stay constructive in our discussion.

They don’t mind our decision either way (they are thick-skinned), but we do want to keep them as our FOSS friends. One collective goal should be for them to see this thread and think “yeah, that’s fair” instead of the provocative alternatives (“what a bunch of…”).


If it no longer maintained then it would make sense to remove it. Is that a good alternative to it? Maybe Joplin or QOwnNotes perhaps?

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Endeavour (formerly known as GNOME To Do) is maintained, just not as part of core GNOME any more. It has an annoying bug, perhaps triggered by its switch to GTK4.


Thank you for the feedback. We are implementing this change now.