Proposal: Create an Ubuntu Unity Development sub-category

I see a great deal of interest and discussion taking place here for the Ubuntu Unity initiative. I propose that we create an Ubuntu Unity Development sub-category here, under the Desktop category.

Ubuntu Unity team members will have create, reply read access and everyone else will have reply and read access. This will hopefully limit/eliminate support requests. Existing topics regarding Ubuntu Unity can be moved to this new category.

That is my proposal. I’m an admin here. So if the Ubuntu Unity team agrees I can set things up :slightly_smiling_face:

@dale-f-beaudoin @chanath Please direct the other team members here to decide if this is what you would like to do?


Sounds like a great idea.


Yes. This is the best plan. I will send a memo on the mailinglist once you create the forum.

edit: Actually I sent the link to both teams.


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Hi Martin,

@khurshid-alam is the team captain and we are working in tandem . Welcome @chanath , our newest member of unty7 maintianers who has been a diligent early adopter and troubleshooter.


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I love this proposal, but are we going to have most of the development discussions here then? If so, I will be happy with that as to consolidate the discussions for the development.


Hi belkinsa,

We are more than welcome to discuss bugs and request help at ubuntuforums in Ubuntu Development Version Testing sub-forum concerning unity-session but we cannot discuss development because it does not fit the topical description of being an official release. If and when ubuntu-unity becomes official then we can discuss development issues at the ubuntuforums development forum. We can absolutely discuss to consolidate development discussions here at community hub but I must make mention that before this development initiative came into being I had signed on for two more cycles as team leader of U+1 testing which basically is based at but does not restrict me from requesting services of the team elsewhere.

During the 17.10 development cycle I was able to keep Will Cooke linked in to ubuntuforums by using the mailing list so I do not see why we cannot use both resources as we have a cracker-jack team of testers at U+1. It can only behoove the development effort as a whole in the long run. Nick had made a proposal somewhat similar to yours - that we focus discussion at one place , at one site rather than going back and forth … and I agreed with him- but I have to ask; isn’t having the extra KB such as U+1 an asset to particular aspects of the teams work?


My thinking is simple.

  • The Ubuntu Desktop team are sun setting the Ubuntu Desktop development mailing list, in part because there is way more engagement here.
  • Just like the Ubuntu Desktop team, conversation about Ubuntu Unity has way more engagement here than the mailing list on Launchpad.
  • Web based discussion is way easier to join than an obscure mailing list tucked away on Launchpad.

Whoever Nick is was right. Don’t divide the eyes. Provide one place for development discussion.


Nick is @nickthom .

I agree. Development Version Testing is just that, testing and so is a totally different topic.

… and I would like to add that building .ISO files with cubic app is way more streamlined ,avant-guard and vouge than the current multiplistic and bifurcated system used at launchpad :slight_smile: hehe … but it is what it is and whatever it takes to get an .ISO built correctly within the community setting is ok by me :wink:

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We talk here. One place, all questions, all suggestions, all problems…, and all successes.

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Any progress on this ?

I already see a ubuntu-unity tag. Nice. :slight_smile:

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I agree, but @dale-f-beaudoin does have a point. I think once Ubuntu Unity becomes a favour, the Ubuntu Forums could be a perfect place for support/bugs since it’s more for development based discussions. I see the Ubuntu Community forums being more for call for help and that stuff.

I guess I wasn’t thinking when I posted my first post…:sweat_smile:

It’s the weekend, so busy with family stuff. I’ll get to this tonight.

Would it make sense to have an ubuntu-unity subcategory for #quality too? ( e.g. )

Hi Martin,

I appreciate all the work you are doing here. When you open the new sub-category for ubuntu-unity development we have to discuss if we are going in for an LTS release for the 18.04 cycle or a 9 month spin. We can put this to a vote. Reason being , as you know it, is persons committed to maintaining the project and who will be available during the long run if it is LTS.

Secondly we have to design a roadmap and some simple project goals. I can make some proposals for these. We don’t want the design changes to be too drastic and we don’t want ubuntu-unity to become a dinosaur either :slight_smile:


I have create the Ubuntu Unity Development sub-category, under Desktop, and move all the relevant topics I could find. I’f I’ve missed any just let me know.

I’ve created a group called ubuntu-unity-devs. I think I have all the right people added. If not left me know. But @khurshid-alamand @dale-f-beaudoinare also owners of that group.

Members of ubuntu-unity-devs can create, read and reply in the Ubuntu Unity Development sub-cateogry, everyone else can read and reply. This will hopefully limit the creation of support requests there.

@ads20000 I suggest Q&A discussion also take place in the Ubuntu Unity Development sub-category for now. Once the Ubuntu Unity remix is boot-strapped and becomes official then a whole raft of Q&A resources will be available to the team.