Prolong life of Flashdrive which has I run my OS off of

Sorry if I’m in the wrong category, but I’m new and mentally slow XD.

But to explain the situation: I take computer science lessons in a school built by people who go “OMG he’s hacking” if they see a terminal open on your screen. This is a problem as all programs other than those released by MS or few other white listed companies, are blocked. I decided to look for ways around this, and I found that at a certain point during boot I can load another OS via USB. I’ve gotten permission to use this for the betterment of my CS classes, but I’m not allowed to install ubuntu onto the computer, only run a live version. This requires me install the OS and boatloader into a USB and run the entire OS off a flash drive. As most will know however, flash drives have only a limited amount of writes, and I cannot waste them. So is there anyway to stop unnecessary log taking and do you have any advice on how I can prolong the life of my USB alswhere.

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