Problem with setting up v17.04 in a VMWare VM


I’ve been running v.14.04 in VMWare Workstation v.12 (running on a Win10 Thinkpad) for about a year without any major problems.

I’m trying to get v.17.04 set up inside the same VMWare Workstation but am currently having two show-stopping problems:

  1. I can’t access the internet using FireFox (or the browser that the Amazon app uses). I am using NAT translation for the VM’s network.

This seems to be a DNS problem: I can ping addresses on my LAN by IP address from terminal and can ping into the VM from a Win CMD window on the laptop. However, unlike my 14.04 VM, I can’t ping an external address (e.g. by name from inside Terminal, I get “Name of service not known”. This is despite the fact that the Connection Information utility shows the same values for “Default route” and “Primaryt DNS” in both my 14.04 and 17.04 VMs.

  1. Again unlike my 14.04 VM, running the 17.04 VM causes excessive (30-50%) CPU activity by VMWare according to the laptop’s Tasm Manager. When 14.04 is running (by itself), VMWare runs at a few percent according to Task Manager.

I suppose if I could run the Activity Monitor in 17.04 I can try to see what is going on that accounts for the high CPU %, but I haven’t managed to find how to add Activity Monitor (or anything else for that matter) to the Launcher - I only stumbled on how to start Terminal by accident (right-clicking the desktop).

Any ideas? (Oh, and how avoid this editor indenting the numbered items?)

TIA, Martyn

I’ve moved this to the category because this site isn’t designed to take tech support questions. Sorry. I’d recommend using one of the official support channels listed on the Finding Help page.