Problem in NL LoCo team - Site/wiki/forum offline since 2 months

Hi guys and girls

Where can I go to discuss a problem in one of the Local Communities? The Ubuntu-NL site + wiki + forum have been down for 2 whole months now, and all users are being left in the dark. Nobody knows what is happening.

The ‘server team’ does not really respond to anything. At the start of July there was a message saying “We will be back online next week” but after that: nothing… Now all I hear is “it’s vacation” and “the server team is not reachable”. How is this possible? How can this be solved?

I also heard that the problem is that there aren’t enough volunteers. So I’m also proposing to volunteer.

In 2006 I was forum moderator at myself. In 2007 I became forum administrator. I stopped around 2008 because of my college education. Right now I’m hosting over 100 websites (a few big ones) without any downtime and with good backup infrastructure. I do believe that I am qualified to help out if they would accept some help.

Right now it looks like they just refuse any help, and they also refuse to give any updates. Nobody knows when the site will be back online, or even if there are still backups anywhere.

Transparency should be #1 priority in a LoCo team and it’s not here at Ubuntu-NL. Please check it out and let us (everyone who is waiting for an answer) know something!

I would also like to note that a lot of people are unhappy with the way the current Ubuntu-NL team is being run, if you read the IRC logs of Ubuntu-NL, the FB page of Ubuntu-NL or the Linux Mint NL forum (where a lot of Ubuntu-NL users have gone to).

It’s nice that there are volunteers, but if they aren’t there for 2 months then they really shouldn’t be volunteers in the first place.

Please give me some advice on where to go with this. It would be nice if we could get this up and running again… 2 months has been long enough…

Kind regards

I’d be trying to contact the Loco Council in the first instance > LoCoCouncil - Ubuntu Wiki

There is an e-mail address for them:

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to hear this situation. I believe there are no prepared diligencies in the LoCo Council guidelines but I am sure we can work this out.

I will ask you to email the council about this and I will communicate these events to the rest of the council so we can start thinking of what we can do to solve this problem.


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