Private 5G at the Edge?

As device manufacturers expect to run workloads closer to where devices produce and consume data, how are market leaders navigating the shift to the edge? Part of the answer comes from a recent announcement, as three of the most salient players, NTT, VMware and Intel, recently partnered to develop a managed edge and private 5G services.

NTT launched the first globally available Private 5G Network-as-a-Service platform in August last year. Similarly, VMware first unveiled its Edge Compute Stack offering, a virtual machine and container-based stack tailored to apps at the edge, at VMworld 2021.

Now, the companies will integrate their technologies to offer a fully managed Edge+Private 5G offering running on silicon from Intel. NTT announced the offering at VMWare Explore and will deliver the new Edge-as-a-Service to provide near-zero latency, maximum processing power, and global coverage for edge workloads.

With a managed edge computing platform enabling enterprises to deploy and monitor applications closer to the edge, what else is missing to tap into the revolution brought by the advent of tightly embedded edge devices and pervasive connectivity?

Read the press release, and tell us what you think!