Praise for ubuntu/linux

I bought my first Gateway desktop brand new out of the box with windows installed in 2004. I had so many problems as a hardcore newbie i gave it away in disgust. In the fall of 2017 I thought I would give computers another try so i bought a used lenovo x120e thinkPad with Ubuntu installed after windows was removed and I have not had one problem. Thank you so much to the Ubuntu/Linux community for giving this 43 year old newbie one last chance at gaining a little technological before im to old to use computers.


reminds me of an article from a few years ago:

Congrats lorne1!

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Thanks chuangtzu! Great article. I don’t feel so alone. I do have one question. I have 17.04 and when i tried to update notified OS update i was prompted with:" Sorry this did not work. Installation of OS Update failed. DETAILS; apt translation returned result exit-failed. " I was wondering; Do I need an additional app to update OS? Would greatly appreciate any input on this matter. Thank you!

Or do I need to install 17.10 first because update is for 18.04? And also if I may…Can I just stay with 17.04?

17.04 is End Of Life.

check out the various options on the page to get some help dealing with that.

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You can search here or post a new thread:

Also ref:

Personally, I always do a clean install for release upgrades, less chance of stuff going screwy.

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