Power saving tools

As per these benchmarks, it looks like there’s still some room for improvement when it comes to battery usage.

Probably it’s not a thing to introduce to a LTS, but what TLP always played well here (thinkpads), and probably it would be the case of supporting these (in some selected hardware, at least).


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Yeah I was thinking the same.

I can’t think of any reason why we wouldn’t want to position Ubuntu Desktop as efficiently as possible out of the box. Just pick the best approach. Haven’t tried TLP myself but sounds promising. It’s not in main yet, though. Any reasons not to MIR?..

I have had many issues with tlp over the years. My system became a lot more stable after removing it.

Off the top of my head: white noise on headphone jack after no sound for a few seconds, usb mouse stops working after few minutes of inactivity, usb keyboard doesn’t recognize first press after few minutes of inactivity…

OK. That’s probably the answer I expected. It’s not mainline because it’s not ready for everyone. That said, lower power usage is something we should be trying to work toward still.

Relevant bugs should ideally have a task added to them for this project: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-power-consumption

We should also try aggressively pushing forward with a solution of some sort (TLP, PowerTop config, whatever) in the next non-LTS release. So that would be 18.10. And then see if the bugs are fixable before October.