Possible rtf guide useful to snap?

My first thoughts is that this shall be laughed at.

excuse my documentation day-dreams … but, but

Would it be possible (as
to include an rtf README file within the snap to be install within the package, for instructional purposes, perhaps ?

  • *They got it wrong on the wiki - I so don’t rember it being ‘RTF’ as a file extension - I

My last query, is What is your Go-To Application for opening rtf’s of this nature ?


Accessing the instructional file before the snap is attained (installed) would o/c be a bonus, in my mind.

Sure, but that’s away, in terms of releases of snapd, I get that.

Maybe I am thinking ?

Surely you could come up with a better way to display such an instructional file for less-advanced ubuntuists ?

So I am asking what file format would you use as a document’s logical extension ?

In the naughties, I heard was making it’s own PDF version - but I heard nothing more of that.

I can hear the omgubuntu post now - 2018: We made orange again !

Yippee :green_book:

Does this mean you’re keeping Ubuntu ?

@stephen-d-allen Only if the dark-dayz are over.