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I have been thinking of creating a slack community, to have an alternative to IRC (see Topic.) What do you think!

Get A Slack Service In The Community?

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  • No
  • Perhaps
  • More Information necessary
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Slack VS IRC

  • Yes!
  • Completly!!!
  • Perhaps
  • More Information necessary

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@vitalkanev @itzswirlz Slack.com for more infow, and see Post To join

No, if we were going to create a new official Ubuntu communication channel it should be on Rocket Chat since Rocket is completely free and open-source and thus Ubuntu would have full control of its data on there and be able to file bugs and contribute to development as it wished. Moving to Rocket Chat is effectively being rejected on the grounds that it fragments the community and Slack would do the same.

Sure, if you want to make an unofficial Ubuntu Slack to see what happens then go ahead, but it shouldn’t be official and I don’t think it would be wise. Best to stick to the official channels and centralize information there, despite the inaccessibility and lack of persistence of IRC (at least we have this hub, forums, Reddit, Ask Ubuntu, Launchpad…)


I could set up a rocketchat…

I’ve been running a Mattermost instance for a few years now and that works well too.

However, the real successor to IRC is Matrix. It is a decentralized messaging protocol, which can bridge between different messaging protocols etc.

Who uses it?

Why matrix?

imo, Matrix is the best bet for the future and its ease of use is very similar to Slack. Users who don’t want to install anything just surf to the URL and they can start chatting.

  • Matrix is developed by a team that spun out of a telco, so they really know how to do communication well.
  • Open Source, Open Standards, Run-Your-Own-Server
  • It has native android and ios apps and web apps for many more platforms.
  • It has a native Gnome app being developed by the Gnome project.
  • It supports end-to-end encryption

Using Slack or RocketChat or Mattermost seems like a stop-gap in my opinion.

matrix.org has their own server, so we could use that to try it out and move to a self-hosted server if we like it.