POLL potential cloud-init summit 2022 date and location

Greetings active cloud-init contributors.

It has been a couple of years since our last physical cloud-init summit. Upstream for cloud-init would like to organize another 2 day physical cloud-init summit in 2022 to get a chance to collaborate more closely with partners and community, solicit feedback on longer term upstream roadmap items and improve our engagement and integration with distributions and clouds.

Given the global dynamics and travel logistics, we wanted to get thoughts and opinions on potential dates and locations on which to host this 2-day conference.

This poll will help us collect general interest in any of these potential physical sprint destinations and times. We can then get the ball rolling more publicly to organize and host this event. If a cloud-init virtual summit with two virtual meeting tracks makes the most sense as an alternative to physical travel, we can look at that option as well.

The cloud-init summit provides an opportunity to:

  • hear presentations from partners, community members and upstream developers present on use-cases, new features, pain points
  • present and collaborate cloud-init’s upstream roadmap to shape the future of cloud-init
  • collaborate more closely with multiple distribution partners, clouds and community members
  • share perspectives on improving cloud-init’s utility for specific use-cases and gaps
  • retrospect on upstream process and procedures to improve engagement, adoption and momentum for contributors and partners

Please check any locations and dates that you may be interested in attending:

[POLL] 2022 cloud-init summit date and location preference
  • US-Portland: Nov 16-17
  • US-Portland: Dec 14-15
  • US-Portland: Jan 11-12
  • US-Seattle: Nov 16-17
  • US-Seattle: Dec 14-15
  • US-Seattle: Jan 11-12
  • US-SF Bay Area: Nov 16-17
  • US-SF Bay Area: Dec 14-15
  • US-SF Bay Area: Jan 11-12
  • Czech Republic- Prague: Nov 7-8 hosted in a conference room track co-located as part of a potential Ubuntu Summit event.
  • Virtual Only Summit: Nov 16-17 webcasts and collaborative online meeting tracks
  • Virtual Only Summit: Dec 14-15 webcasts and collaborative online meeting tracks
  • Virtual Only Summit: Jan 11-12 webcasts and collaborative online meeting tracks

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Thanks for the input folks!