Poll: Phabricator versus Launchpad

For a lot of the KDE world, Phabricator is the goto choice for open source project management, including a Kanban board that’s a nice alternative to Trello. Among these is Kubuntu. Lubuntu recently set an instance up (but at time of writing we’re waiting on Canonical to deal with the DNS). Certainly many of these features are in Launchpad but I find some of them (like Blueprints) are a little cludgy. We probably could integrate all these features into Launchpad, but it seems like (especially being a paid project) Phabricator is a little more developed.

That said, we were discussing the idea of a Canonical hosted Phabricator that all the flavours could use. Despite the inflammatory topic, my goal is not to replace Launchpad but to use the two together. What do you think?

  • Yes, this would be a great option!
  • No, this would be a total waste.
  • Don’t care.

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This is a non-binding inquiry, just to gather community opinion. Poll will close 30 November 2017.

As per https://community.ubuntu.com/t/how-to-make-a-poll/2122, could you state whether this is a binding poll or not (seems non-binding but the exact phrase somewhere would be helpful)

Info added. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Cheers, my personal opinion is that this would split the locations of developers unnecessarily. Having a Discourse instance for Ubuntu and snapcraft seems to have worked for those projects because they’re hubs of activity, but I don’t see how Phabricator would intertwine with Launchpad (may change my vote if clearly demonstrated how this could work). I don’t hack on flavors myself tho so my opinion shouldn’t matter much!

The reason why I brought up the Kubuntu team is because they have been using both. Perhaps @clivejo could comment more about his experience. They both have advantages and disadvantages but neither does both. In particular, a Trello-like Kanban board would be a huge feature. Some projects I’ve been involved in (especially in community projects) have used Trello and I’ve never really been happy with it, among other reasons because it’s not open source. That said, it’s also good for things like blueprints, planning, coordination, etc. This is something I feel Launchpad is particularly terrible about. That said, Launchpad still provides uses that Phabricator cannot provide.

With the recent interest in gitlab from debian, I think you should include gitlab as an option in your poll.

Sorry for not actually helping with my comment :wink:

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Nice suggestion @elopio. I just learned about this after posting the poll. Right now they just use mailing lists and wikis, right?

However, I’m not totally convinced git* brings much to the table in terms of project management, so it’s not particularly relevant.


That’s all that’s required for projects, IMO.

I don’t understand who are you referring to on your question about mailing lists and wikis.

@elopio I was talking about Debian and what they use currently.

Regarding the issue board at GitLab, I didn’t even know. I guess if they have wikis you can subscribe to, that covers blueprints. Only thing remaining is milestones and I know they’ve got that, so wow. Hm. That gives me pause for sure!

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