Poll: How do you right click on a clickpad?

Or how do you prefer to right click on your clickpads? Let us know!

  • I never right click
  • One finger click near the bottom right corner
  • Two finger click, anywhere
  • Two finger tap, anywhere

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I think we should distinguish between “click” and “tap”


I added a tapping option but it reset the poll, sorry :frowning:

For the record, two finger tapping is really irrelevant here because that works regardless of the click-method setting.

I was using the thinkpad buttons but I would expect two finger tap/click to work.

What’s the difference between “two-finger click, anywhere” and “two-finger tap anywhere”?

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Click is pressing until you feel the tactile bump of the touchpad, whereas tapping is just a light press I would assume.

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Yes, but then… there is not such a thing as “two finger click anywhere”… I don’t know of any touchpad that detects that…

Unless we are talking about those Apple touchpads that detect “click” by pressing the whole touchpad…

FWIW the touchpad on my Dell XPS 15 does detect that.

My Z16 also differentiates between taps and clicks :slight_smile:

I’m feeling soooooo old… :smile:

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" Simulated clicks
The right click can also be simulated by clicking with two fingers."