Poll: Decline in community interest due to loss of Unity?

The bait has gone, thrown away. There’s no product in the company that would catch the user’s heart any more.

If we are so doomed, why are we— and more specifically you— having this conversation about how to resolve the issue?


I use touchscreen devices for more than a decade. There’s no Ubuntu distro that would make use of that invention created around 90s. But I still have one that works, and that was the bait. :grin: The bait’s gone.

If the distro is interesting enough, newcomers would rally around it. There should be something unique to pull them in. Other than the words “open source.” The newcomers are needed to create the community. They’d create the community, if they come.

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I’m presuming that you’re referring to some old ARM tablet. I think you’re projecting quite a bit if you presume that’s the bait for the rest of the community. Besides, what other distros are targetting these specific devices?

So what makes it interesting enough? What makes other interesting distros interesting?

Laptop is a device. Unity works so well with touchscreen. It was Ubuntu then. The present Ubuntu doesn’t.
Bait for the eventual users is something unique for Ubuntu. Is there any?

Again, I ask: what’s the bait for other distros? According to Distrowatch, the other members of the top 5 are MX Linux, Manjaro, Mint and Debian. So what’s their bait?

Maybe we should fix this once and for all.

The decline in the health of the Ubuntu community is primarily due to the lack of Unity.

  • True; without Unity we’re doomed
  • False; there are other issues to worry about besides Unity

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