Please test upcoming update for the server installer

Hi all,

The next version of subiquity contains quite a major internal change (as well as some bugfixes and better support for dasd drives on s390x) and so I would like to get a bit more testing of it done before promoting it to stable. The change is that the installer is now split into a single server process that actually performs the install, and one or more client processes that display the UI. A common case is that there is only one client, running on tty1, but in situations where there are more than one, such as sshing in to the installer session or connecting to it over serial this makes things much saner.

This change has been in the edge channel for a while, but I’ve also pushed it to the candidate channel and arranged for it to be on the hirsute (current devel series) dailies, starting with tomorrow’s.

The process for testing a new version is described in this post: How to test the latest version of subiquity.

I’m particularly interested in tests of autoinstalls. It works in my testing but I can’t test everything!