Please drop insulting notification

Hey there,

Currently I’m rather active in the Request better Arabic font for Ubuntu 20.04 topic. The reason for that is that I’m about to implement some changes in response to that request. A dialogue with Arabic speaking users is a necessary part of that work.

A couple of times, when I was about to post a new message, this text showed up:

Let others join the conversation

This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 41% of the replies here.

It could be even better if you got other people space to share their points of view, too. Can you invite them over?

I find that text rather discouraging TBH. After having spent quite some time to address an issue, and quite some work still remains to be done, you simply don’t want to read such a stupid insinuation.

I would suggest that you disable that kind of notifications ASAP. Please.


Yup, the makers of the Discourse software can be condescending like that.

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I’m not seeing any way to do so at the Moderator level. Sorry.

That’s a pity. Suppose an upstream bug would be the way to go, then. Not sure I’m enough upset to spend time on that…

I think this is a configurable option. In a Discourse install I have this:

Doesn’t tell me what the default is… but I suspect just putting 99 in for this value would remove the symptom.


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Thanks for the feedback. I feel this is a useful setting, because people can get caught up in discussion and sometimes need a hint to back off a bit. I know I need that sometimes :D.

The current setting is 20% on this site. I’m not convinced removing the text, or making it invisible is the best course of action. Happy to discuss it (up to my 20% allowance :wink: ) to see what consensus is.

Maybe we can tweak the wording a bit as another option?


I understand that situation, and the rationale for the hint in such cases.

My example is different IMO. I’m acting as a driver to get a thing done. I’m learning along the journey as well as explaining various options and limitations in response to the feedback.

So this may be a question whether this site is thought for relaxed conversation or as a point of contact when really changing something. Or put in other words: Should it be customized with talkers or doers in mind? :wink:

The answer is probably both. Which IMO speaks for giving people who tend to talk too much a hint manually when appropriate instead of relying on that automatic hint.